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Paint cans found in my basement

Let me “paint” a picture for you.  So you just purchased your home and while doing your inaugural tour of your new place you notice some used paint cans sitting in the basement.  You do the dance of joy because of the previous owners generosity.  What a great closing gift, now you have FREE paint to touch up things.

What you may not realize is that some paint can be a hassle to dispose of. For instance, oil based paints are considered hazardous waste and cannot be thrown away in the trash.  To properly dispose of oil based paints you would need to take them to a Hazardous Waste Facility. Find a local Hazardous waste facility here. 
Unlike oil based paints, latex based paint can be thrown away but its not as simple as you would think.  The process involves making sure all the paint inside is dry which could take days.  To speed the drying process up you can always add an absorbent material such as sawdust or kitty litter but still can be a big inconvenience…especially if you don’t have a cat or wood to cut :)

Next time you buy a home look for used paint cans during your final walk through and make sure you are comfortable taking on the project of disposing of them properly. If not, ask the seller to take on this responsibility.  You will save yourself from a great inconvenience.

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 About the author: As a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy, Anthony Giglio has been helping buyers and sellers in Eastern Massachusetts with all their real estate needs.  Visit him on his website

Mortgage rates have dropped to historic  lows.  Home prices are down from where they were a few years ago.  Rents continue to steadily increase.  In fact, this is the most affordable time since the 1970s to buy a home.  So why wouldn’t you buy a home?

Too many potential home buyers think they will not qualify for a mortgage.  There’s been many newspapers articles and television broadcasts stating that Mortgage Lenders have tightened mortgage lending guidelines.  True.  HOWEVER, it’s not as difficult to get a mortgage as most people perceive.  You don’t know until you sit down with an experienced Mortgage Loan Officer.

Much of my time is devoted to counseling potential home buyers on the necessary steps needed to get pre-approved.   Most borrowers get pre-approved in 24 hours.  However, it’s not uncommon for me to work with future home buyers for 6 or 8 months before they get pre-approved for a mortgage.  During that time we work on improving the four “C”s of mortgage lending.   First and foremost is credit.  I can advise a borrower on ways to improve their credit score so they can qualify for a mortgage.  The second “c” is capital.  In some instances, a borrower needs to save more money before they purchase a house.  These days, there are several programs that require small down payments.  The third “C” is capacity to pay the mortgage in a timely manner.  We look at earnings and job history.   The final “C” is collateral or the value of the property that they decide to purchase.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and get pre-approved for a mortgage.  There may not be another time like this for many, many years to come!

About the author: Cathy Dyl is a Mortgage Loan Officer at Stoneham Bank. (NMLS# 49343) She has over 20 years of mortgage lending experience and is a preferred loan officer of RE/MAX Legacy.



Barbie Hodges has enjoyed a carefree condo life style for more than 20 years!

Are exterior maintenance issues giving you the blues?  Have you ever considered how different life could be if you did not have to worry about roof repairs, mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow?  Perhaps, there should be a condo purchase in your future.

When you purchase a condo you are buying the interior space.  The exterior is considered “common area”, which means it is collectively owned by all the condo unit owners in the condominium community.

Each unit is assigned a percentage of ownership, otherwise known as the” beneficial interest”.  This designates how much of the common area cost is allocated to each condo unit.  A budget is set up based on yearly cost to run the condominium.   The condo fee is calculated based on the total yearly expense & the condo unit beneficial interest.  Items found in a standard budget include master insurance cost, exterior maintenance, snow removal, & landscaping.   Also, if the condo complex includes amenities such as a swimming pool or tennis courts, the cost to maintain these items would also be included.

Condos are great for a multitude of buyers. Whether you are a 1st time buyer, downsizing, or retired, there is a condo for you.  There are different styles to choose from & you can buy into a small or large community.

I have lived in a condo for many years & I am happy to let someone else manage the exterior issues.  Ponder this thought; the next time you have to mow the lawn on a very hot Saturday afternoon, I will be at the beach!

About the author: Sharon Potts is a Realtor with RE/MAX Legacy and has been in real estate for 18 years and has introduced many of her clients to carefree condo living!

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The RE/MAX hot air balloon is once again coming to Horn Pond Day! This fun event is sponsored by the Woburn Lions Club and will be held on Saturday, June 9 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

The RE/MAX hot air balloon will be there in the morning taking people on tethered rides. All proceeds from the hot air balloon benefit the MASS Lions Eye Research Fund. Event located at Water St/Sturgis St in Woburn.

For more information concerning the 2nd Annual Lions’ Horn Pond Day and to see all the other fun and exciting activities available that day go to or at Woburn Patch

The picture above is from last years Horn Pond Day. Don’t miss your opportunity to go up in the RE/MAX Hot Air balloon at this years Horn Pond Day




“Hi!  Can you come over and appraise my house; I want to sell it and want to know how much it is worth.”  This is a common request that many real estate agents get and it includes a couple of misconceptions by the homeowner.

Today’s blog will address the word “appraise”.  In most states only a licensed appraiser can do an appraisal on a home.  They follow a very stringent set of guidelines, state and federal, when appraising a home.  In Massachusetts only a licensed appraiser can perform an appraisal.  What a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts does is referred to by many names including but not limited to; a pricing study, market analysis, certified market analysis, comparative market analysis, comparable market analysis and so on.  When pricing a property for sale, Massachusetts law requires that a real estate agent gives a listing price range, in addition, when advising a buyer client the agent gives a range.  Keep in mind that these ranges are only valid at that point in time and changing market conditions can cause these ranges vary, sometimes as often as weekly.  Under both of these situations the seller and the buyer select the specific price point to list at or offer on a property.  An appraisal is one specific number, not a range.

About Author: Veronica McManus is a Certified Massachusetts Real Estate Instructor and has been with RE/MAX Legacy since its inception. She also holds many prestigious roles in the real estate industry including President-Elect of the Eastern Middlesex Association of REALTORS® 2012, and President-Elect of the MA State Chapter, Women’s Council of REALTORS® 2012.  She can be contacted at