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Remember when Johnny Carson, the long time host of the Tonight Show would don his turban and become the character “Carnac the Magnificent”?  He would hold an envelope up to his head and provide the answer to the question that was hidden inside the envelope.  Well with regards to real estate, the answer is “it depends” and the question is “how’s the market?”   As a Realtor, I always hear that question from my friends, clients and fellow agents?

When I first became licensed in real estate in the 70’s, my broker owner told me whenever someone asked “how’s the market?”, we were to always answer “Great!”  I felt like I was doing a commercial for Frosted Flakes.

But after recently attending a 16 week course presented by Tom Ferry, I have learned what the best answer is to the question “How’s the market?”   And the answer is………it depends!  So what does it mean when I say “it depends”?  Well, are you a buyer, a seller, an investor, a renter?  Are you asking about single families, condominiums, multi-families, commercial?  Are you looking in the immediate local market or an entire region?  Your asking that question requires me (the agent) to probe further in order to provide the answer.

Let’s assume the person asking the question is a first time buyer, looking for a single family home in Woburn, and their maximum price is $300,000.  Here are some words I might use to describe the market for those parameters:  hot, competitive, low inventory, bidding wars, bank owned or short sale, needs work.

All in all, the single family market in Woburn has been very strong in 2012 with over 50% more sales in 2012 than 2011.  Average sales price has remained flat, and days on market is slightly lower than 2011.

If you are a buyer, seller, investor or a renter, and you ask your agent “how’s the market?”, be certain the answer is satisfactory to your specific needs.  By getting the right answer, you are on your way to achieving your real estate goals.

About the author: Roland Spadafora is one of the owners of RE/MAX Legacy and a seasoned Realtor who has been answering the “How’s the Market” question for over 30  years. You can learn more about him on his website

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a bargain shopper. As a kid, I needed to stretch my hard earned paper route dollars a little further so I would only shop in the Clearance sections of stores. Getting the best deal possible was my priority. This mentality has carried with me through the years and became even more important when I became a home owner. Stretching a dollar was not just a priority anymore it became my passion so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered couponing!

I always thought coupons were for the older generation and I was too cool for them. I remember spending countless times in line behind a couponer who held up the line with their stack of coupons and they got my cold death stare. However, a few years ago I started realizing the benefit of coupons…now I’m addicted! I’m no extreme couponer like you see on TV but I do spend time every week looking for ways to get things for FREE or close to it.

The items on the right are from my latest couponing adventure at my local CVS…the best part is that after all my coupons and extra care bucks, CVS actually PAID me $6.34!

The question I get asked often is where you find coupons? There are so many places where coupons live but here are a few places to help you get started.

Savings Center

I realize this post does not do couponing 101 justice but hopefully it helps get you started. If you want to learn more about coupons or the couponing process feel free to ask any question on the comments section of this post.

About the author: Anthony Giglio is a REALTOR at RE/MAX Legacy and is passionate about couponing.  Learn more about him on his website or on his profile page

Why would I buy a house during the holiday season?  There are plenty of reasons:

  1. Mortgage Rates – Rates are still really low. BUT The Mortgage Bankers Association predict that rates will begin to creep up slowly in the year ahead.  The sooner you find a house then the sooner you can lock that low mortgage rate.
  2. There’s less competition for a home because there are few buyers.  Therefore,  sellers  are more likely to negotiate.
  3. Mortgage lenders have few loans to process so it’s more likely that you will have a smoother loan process.
  4. Touring a home during cold weather lets you feel drafts.  You will quickly find if the windows need re-caulking or replacement.
  5. Knowledgeable home buyers may find great opportunities during cold weather.  Less competition equals bigger discounts!
  6. Rents continue to increase.  Why  pay  your landlord’s mortgage?

Are you convinced?  I hope so.  Get ready – get set – and buy now!

About the author: Cathy Dyl is a mortgage loan officer at Stoneham Bank (NMLS#49343) with over 20 years of mortgage lending experience.  Read more about her on her personal site



 10.  You want to start the New Year in a new home.

  9.   You expect holiday visitors to drop by so the house tends to be show ready all the time.

  8.   People looking this time of the year tend to be more serious.  Less tire kicking

  7.  Your house always smells inviting with all the holiday baking.

  6.  Open house attendees tend to be very serious buyers.

  5.  The evergreen scented decorations will help mask any pet odors.

  4.  Less competition from other sellers.

  3.  You can hide imperfection behind holiday décor.

  2.  You have an excuse to go to the Mall every time there is a showing

  1.  Every house shows better with a huge decorated tree in the living room.

Do not let the holiday season deter you from moving on.  There are still a lot of serious buyers looking to make a purchase.  Consider listing your house for sale today!

About the Author: Sharon Potts is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and enjoys helping her clients during the holiday season! You can contact her directly through her website at