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Fred Door 1

Learn what to do and not do when putting in a new front screen door.

So our screen door in the front of the house was getting old.  It would not stay open when we had groceries to bring in and one of the handles would fall off from time to time.  Also, we did not have a screen for it, just the glass piece which would make a heat box in the front of the house in the summer.



These are the steps to follow

1.  Go to Lowes and bring wife to pick out color, glass and handles  (Cost $300)

2.  Take out old door  (it will just unscrew)

3.  Put the old door out for trash  (Woburn will take it)

4.  Fill in all holes and any gaps with white paintable caulk

5.  Paint all trim  (in my case -gloss white)

6.  Take door out of box

7.  Put top header metal door piece up  (screws right in)

8.  Slide door in place and screw in

9.  Almost done, put handles on and door opens and closes no problems

My steps taken

1. Took wife to Lowes, we picked out a brown/rust door (20 minutes)

2.  I took out old door  (20 minutes)

3.  Put old door out on curb (1 minute)

4.  Filled in all holes and caulked (10 minutes)

5.  Painted trim (20 minutes)

6.  Decided to give another coat of paint (10 minutes)

7.  Took door out of box and put in place. Come to find out – colors look a lot different at the store than they do at home. Wife sent me back to return door (1 hour)

8.  I was to buy a white door, if not white get black  (I looked and bought poplar white)

9.  Got home, took door out of box and then found out poplar white is Tan  (why doesn’t it just say Tan.  White is White, Tan is Tan) Back to store. (1 hour)Fred Door 2

10.  New door, now we have black, put header up  (5 minutes)

11.  Screwed door in and put handles on  (1 hour)

12.  80% done and wife says maybe we should have special ordered a glossy white.

13.  I blocked my ears and said I’m almost done, let me just finish and we can see how it looks.

14.  After review, the door is still in place, but I had to paint front railings with new coat of glossy black  (1 hour)

15.  After a week the Wife says, its ok, don’t love it but ok, but we now need new outside lights!


I’m not sure what the moral of this story is.  But, you can put a front door in yourself for $300 and give the front of your house a new look.  Maybe you should make sure you rip open boxes at the store to see what you are buying so you don’t have to go there 3 times. Is the moral that some projects turn into many small projects.  Or last, just do what your wife says when she says it.

About the Author: Fred DaMore is a Mortgage Specialist at Ross Mortgage, Homeowner and self-acclaimed do it yourselfer.  Feel free to contact him at