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turkeyThis Thanksgiving, I have the opportunity to check one of my aspirations off my bucket list… Fry a Turkey! Being a first time turkey fryer, I went to the world wide web for help. There are many helpful videos and tutorials on the subject including some what not to do videos (google “Turkey Frying Gone Wrong”for some gasps and maybe laughs:)


While shopping for a turkey fryer I came across this helpful video on The WEBstaurant Store


So now I know how to fry a turkey but I am clueless on what to season it with!  Please help a virgin turkey fryer out by sharing some of your best kept turkey seasoning recipes!
Together we can achieve my goal of frying a moist, delicious deep fried turkey!

About the author:  Anthony Giglio is one of the broker owners of RE/MAX Legacy and has been preparing for his Turkey Frying Adventure for a while!  You can learn more about him on his website

fallNow that fall is upon us it is a good time to make a few household checks!

(✓)  Replace the batteries in your smoke & carbon detectors.  A good rule of thumb is when the time changes your batteries should be changed too!

(✓) Change your furnace filter.  Before you fire up your furnace for the winter, do not forget to replace the filter.  If the furnace is more than 5 years old, you might want to consider having it serviced by a licensed heating/plumbing contractor.  This will help your furnace run more efficiently & prolong the life of the equipment.


(✓) Turn off the water to the outdoor faucet.  Make sure you drain the water out of the pipes then turn off the water to your outdoor water source.  This should help eliminate any chance the pipes will freeze.

(✓)  Cover your air conditioner condenser. This will protect it from falling leaves & branches that could do significant damage.

(✓)  Check your emergency flash light batteries & make sure you have candles & matches available in case you lose power.

By following these simple tips you should be ready for whatever winter has in store.

About the Author: Sharon Potts is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and helps her clients stay prepared with her fall checklist.  Yo
u can contact her directly through her website at