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poloarThis winter is turning out to be one of the coldest winters in many years.  This is due in part to the Polar Vortex. You might ask, what is a polar vortex & why is it effecting us now?  Simply defined a polar vortex is an area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere above where most of our normal weather occurs.  Occasionally pieces break off and sweep toward southern Canada, helping to drive artic cold plunges into the United States.

This is not a new occurrence, but because we do not normally have such cold temperatures throughout the U.S., we are not as familiar with this phenomenon.  Even places like Texas & Florida that normally have moderate to mild temperatures in the winter have been affected.  Air travel has been a real challenge & school kids have had extended vacations everywhere.  Even cities & towns as far north as Minnesota have had to completely shut down.

Fortunately there is some good news! In spite of the cold weather there are still many buyers looking to purchase.  If you are thinking about selling, please do not let this big chill stop you!

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Wetland julianoWhen someone purchases a home near a wetland area, they usually never know it until an issue comes up.  Believe it or not, being next to these areas can restrict the use of your property.  It is critical that due diligence is used before you purchase the property, rather than finding out after you have closed.

The term “wetland” is a general term but usually encompasses any pond, lake, river, stream, ocean, or any land that is subject to flooding or where the water table is constantly high.  These areas are protected under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Regulations, and local Bylaws and Ordinances.  The purpose of these laws is to protect these resource areas from damage.

If you own property within a certain distance from these areas, DEP and the municipality you live in have jurisdiction to regulate activities in or near wetlands or water bodies by imposing certain measures.  For example, if you live near a wetland and wish to construct a shed on your property, you cannot simply just construct a shed.  You must go before the local Conservation Commission and petition that they allow the construction of the shed.  Their job is to ensure that the construction of the shed will not damage or ruin the integrity of the existing wetland by such construction.   Such petition could cost you money and time.

It is important to do thorough due diligence about the property before you sign the purchase and sales agreement. If the property falls under the jurisdiction of DEP and the municipality due to the property’s proximity of a wetland, it is always better to find out before you have invested time and money into the property.  A good start is to go to the local conservation office in City Hall and ask the conservation administrator about the property.   They will inform you if the property abuts a wetland and if so, if the property is in compliance with all local and state regulations.

Juliano blog headshot photoJames A. Juliano is one of the founding partners of Scafidi Juliano & Hurd, LLP, managing the Woburn office location in Downtown Woburn Center.  He currently has served for the past two years on the Woburn Conservation Commission, and was former chairman of the Stoneham Conservation Commission for 4 years.   Mr. Juliano is currently an active member in the Woburn Residents Environmental Network (WREN) and is a Director of the Friends of the Tri-Community Greenway, Inc. which is a non-profit corporation responsible for the formation and organization of the 6.63 mile bike path and park that will stretch through Stoneham, Woburn, and Winchester.  Mr. Juliano is also very active with the Eastern Middlesex Association of Realtors (EMAR) and serves on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Council of Realtors – Northern Region Massachusetts Chapter.

Mr. Juliano’s present areas of practice include residential and commercial real estate transactions, residential and commercial lending, land use and zoning, and Landlord/Tenant law.  Mr. Juliano can be reached at or by phone at 781-210-4710, Ext. 102. His company website is

Path A BI’m sure the thought enters each of our minds “what if”…we took a different path at various points in our lives.  If we went to college B instead of college A, if we dated this person instead of another, if we took one job vs. another, what might our lives look like today?  The path we took has led us to where we are today.  Could things have been different?  Would we have wanted it to be different?

Every little thing we do and every decision we make affects our path and where we find ourselves today.  In my case, I wanted to go to West Point, and although I had the support of my congressman and had the test scores and grades to be selected, I was denied because of a physical problem I had that occurred accidentally during some horseplay.  I had dislocated my shoulder at the age of 15 and that ultimately prevented me from being appointed to West Point.  It also kept me out of the service.  As it turned out, if I had graduated from West Point, or was subsequently drafted in the mid 60’s as could have been the case, most likely I would have been sent to Vietnam, and we know how that could have ended.

In the early 70’s while working at a large local manufacturing company as an engineer, my best friend and I decided to get our real estate license.  We both began working part-time at a local office owned by a mutual friend.  Within a few years we decided to open our own office and we attempted to purchase a suitable building to house our office.  Zoning, financing and a deteriorating stock market (think Watergate and oil embargo), and our dreams went down the tubes.  So did our investment funds as we had it “working for us” in the stock market.   My friend eventually opened a real estate office with his brother-in-law and became very successful.  I stayed at my full-time job and didn’t get back into real estate until I took an early retirement in 1997.  In 2012 my wife Gale and I along with Anthony Giglio were able to purchase the Woburn RE/MAX franchise.  It only took 36 years, but now I’m an owner!

Looking back, there were all sorts of critical points in my life and my work career that could have affected where I am today.  Are there things I wish I had done?  Absolutely…..but I am happy where I am and after all…it was my path to today!

Roland Crop 2011 jpeg (1)About the author: Roland Spadafora is one of the Broker Owners at RE/MAX Legacy.  His path to today has brought him to the place he is happy to be. He can be contacted through his website at

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