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I made plans to have dinner with one of my dear friends. We decided to meet at her place for Chinese food & lots of catching up.  When I arrived at her door, I was greeted by her roommate, a 65lb. pit bull name Blue. At first I was a little uncomfortable. Traditionally these animals get a bad rap. They are said to be vicious & can turn on you without notice. But this dog was different. He was calm, sweet, & all he wanted to do was give me kisses. I asked my friend where she got this wonderful animal & she told me she rescued him from a neglectful home. You can tell he is a very happy & grateful dog. This pit bull is no ordinary pit bull. He does not pose a threat to anyone.

Each year thousands of animals are abused & neglected. Blue is one of the lucky ones. Despite a rocky start in life, he now has a mom who loves him, & a very comfortable place to live. He spends his carefree days sleeping on a very cushy pillow, eating his favorite kibble, & playing with a very large chew toy.


Adopting a rescue animal is a wonderful thing to do. When you rescue a dog or cat they never forget it. They become your friend for life. I have owned several, & they are sweet, loyal, & give unconditional love. They make the best pets & will become very special members of any family.  (Picture is of me giving Blue a Big hug!)                                                            

I learned a very important lesson that day. Not all pit bulls are created equal. If they are trained properly they make wonderful pets.

If you are thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, consider adopting. The shelters are full of animals that need loving homes.

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This is Part Two of my blog of side trips to take when visiting San Diego, California. (see Part One) My son moved to San Diego from the Boston area and I have had the good fortune to be a tourist in San Diego several times. Here are some more recommended side trips:

When someone says San Diego often the first attraction that comes to mind is the world famous1 Panda San Diego Zoo. It is conveniently located just on the outskirts of downtown San Diego. It covers over 100 acres and it is known for its lush, naturalistic habitats and unique animal encounters. The Zoo can be viewed in a number of ways including walking along the pathways, taking the buses or riding the Skyfari® Aerial Tram. I highly recommend taking the 35 minute Guided Bus Tour when you first arrive to get yourself acclimated. Sit and relax in the double decker bus and enjoy the narrated tour which covers about 70 percent of the Zoo. There is also the Kangaroo Express Bus that has five stops throughout the Zoo to get you to another area of the expansive zoo more quickly than walking. The Zoo recommends a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for your visit. And if you can’t get there in person, check out the Live Cam online. There is a CAM for their famous Giant Pandas, and a number of other animals including my favorite the Polar

2 GaslampThe Gaslamp Quarter has become one of San Diego’s most popular neighborhoods, featuring shopping, dining and entertainment in the Victorian-style buildings which were built between 1880 and 1910. The Gaslamp Quarter’s 16 ½ block neighborhood is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. It extends from Broadway to Harbor Drive, and from 4th to 6th avenue. It includes 94 historic buildings which have restaurants, nightclubs and shops.

La Jolla is an affluent, hilly, seaside neighborhood in the northern part of San Diego. It has a3 La Jolla dramatic curving 7 mile coastline along the Pacific Ocean. It is located 12 miles north of downtown, and is well worth the visit. My mother and I drove along La Jolla Boulevard and went down every side street towards the coastline to admire the luxurious homes. Spectacular views and gorgeous homes abound! Downtown La Jolla is noted for its jewelry stores, boutiques, galleries and upscale restaurants and hotels. Park downtown and walk to La Jolla Cove and Casa Beach (La Jolla Children’s Pool) to see the seals who inhabit the beach year round.

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