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Owning a home is a huge responsibility, a daunting endeavor. Did you make the right choice, is this the right home for you and your family? Will something better come on the market? If you have reservations about your new purchase, does this mean you are making a mistake?

I recently took an offer on a townhouse, and my client loved everything about it. The only problem was there was a stream running very close to the house. Other than that it was completely upgraded, with four levels of living. But try as he might, the buyer could not get over the stream in the back. This is buyer’s remorse. We moved on, got his deposit back and now he will be closing on another condo at the end of this month.

First, analyze why you feel the way you do. There can be several reasons: the location of the home, the commute, the layout, and the features of the home or the mortgage obligations. If you are able to pin point what aspect is making you uneasy then you as a potential homeowner can find solutions to overcome these fears.

“Change Your Mindset”!  It’s as simple as that. If you are overwhelmed with the financial obligations associated with owning a home, then slow down and realize that you are building equity, strengthening your credit and boosting your retirement. Instead of looking at this purchase as a hefty burden, look at it as creating a bright future with an abundance of opportunities.

Now if you, the potential homeowner, believe the rooms are too small or the fixtures are too old, knowing how to decorate and paint will give your home a new feel. You can always change out the appliances, add hardwood floors or granite counter tops. Design the home to your taste. Remember, nothing has to remain the same.

Even the most minor improvements can give a house a whole new look. Just make sure there is not a stream in the back yard! Unless you like to fish….

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Do these houses look familiar?  We’ve all seen houses just like these in our neighborhood.  These four houses were constructed from prefabricated components ordered from Sears & Roebuck Co.

It is reported that more than 100,000 houses were sold between 1908 and 1940 through Sears’s Modern Homes program.  Entire homes would arrive by railroad, from precut lumber, to carved staircases, down to the nails and varnish.  Sears even offered the financing, for homeowners to build their own houses.  The official tally exists of the number of Sears’ mail-order houses that still survive today, which is in the thousands.

By 1911, Modern Homes catalogs included illustrations of house interiors, which provided homeowners with blueprints for furnishing the houses with Sears’ appliances and fixtures.

It is difficult to appreciate just how important the Modern Homes program and others like it were to homebuyers in the first half of the twentieth century.  Cities were getting more crowded.  The United States was experiencing a great economic boom, and millions of immigrants were pouring into America’s big cities.

People and factories were moving from city to suburbs. Stately, expensive Victorian-style homes were not options for any but the upper class of homeowners. Affordable, mail-order homes proved to be just the answer to such dilemmas.

With Sears’ prebuilt components, construction hours were reduced by approximately 40%, a real savings to budget-conscious first-time homeowners

The Sears homes remaining today stand as testaments to the pride of homes built by more than 100,000 Sears’ customers.

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Home sales seem to peak in the spring, but the summer months can be a great time to showcase your home.  Create a light and fresh inviting space for potential buyers.  Sellers make your home sizzle by following this list of great ideas for styling your home.


  1. Prepare your home by Cleaning and Decluttering rooms and storing away winter items such as heavy curtains.  Draw up those blinds and open those windows.  Let the sunlight in!
  2. Make the exterior of your home shine!  Power wash your home and get out that dirt and grime, repair any siding or shutters that may have become loose during the winter.  Paint or re-stain your deck floor.
  3. Buyers first notice Curb Appeal!  Trim bushes, plant flowers and don’t skimp on the mulch.  Hang some flowers on the front door as well.  If you have a farmer’s porch add a rocker or two.  Make it say “welcome home”.
  4. Mow your lawn at least once a week and don’t forget to water it to keep that lush green look.  Feeling creative? Try mowing it at a diagonal to add dimension to your lawn.
  5. Set the Air Conditioner to a comfortable temperature.  You want buyers to come in from the sweltering heat and humidity and feel relaxed in the cool temps of your home.
  6. Place some Fresh Flowers on your tables and let the smell of summer fill the air.  Now is not the time for heavy scented candles.
  7. Use this time of year to your advantage and add some Outdoor Living Space.  Set out a table and chairs with bright comfy pillows.  A hammock or porch swing is inviting as well.  Place potted plants and flowers around the area and maybe a string of lights.  The potential here is limitless.

Set the stage for success this summer and you are more apt to get a quicker sale at a better price!

About the author:  Jenn Scali has been working with sellers for over 10 years.  You can contact her at (617) 905-7211 or by visiting her website at  Give Jenn a call anytime during the year to list your home not just in the summer.

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