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How Real Estate Agents Are Trying To Get Your Business

 People looking for properties go to many sites on the internet.  RE/MAX has agreed with a few of these companies to automatically post listings from MLS.  I always go onto every site that I am allowed and tweak my listings assuring that the information is accurate and presented in a way that satisfies me.  Call me a perfectionist but I want to be sure that my seller is always happy with all the website information presented.  We as Realtors have to be sure that our currently-on-the-market listings are posted in as many places as possible so that we don’t miss out on that one buyer who may be the one who purchase our sellers’ home.

Zillow and Trulia are two of the most well-known sites that buyers and sellers go to in advance of their future real estate transaction.

Zillow was actually one my first affiliations.  It’s important to have a web presence, especially where the potential clients are going.  More recently I have signed on with Trulia.  I’m hoping for similar results and exposure.

One recent experience shows me that buyers and sellers have to understand what happens when an inquiry is made at one of these sites.  I received one seller lead and when I phoned the person, she didn’t seem very happy.  I sense she didn’t understand that once she provided her information on Trulia for a market analysis, she should have expected local agents who received that lead would be in touch with her immediately.

Both Zillow and Trulia are sites that most people find easily and are comfortable following the sites on a regular basis.  Personally I’m always checking to see if I have gotten any reviews that I asked my buyers and sellers alike to post for me.  When a buyer or seller is looking for an agent online, these reviews are important and help the potential client locate an agent based on the number and favorability of the reviews.

Other sites for potential clients to visit are and  Once again having a presence on these sites will contribute to an agent’s visibility and overall success.

Linda 3About the author:  Linda Dube is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and is excited to help you with your next move.  You can contact her on her website at www.LindaListsAndSells.Com


2014 was a great year!  We ended the year with higher than typical volume and increased home values.  As we enter 2015, I wanted to look at how much the market has changed in the past year as well as how we compare to the values of 2005 at the previous market high.

In Woburn, the single family market finished higher than the previous year, and the volume although lower, was still higher than historical averages.  Fewer homes were sold, mainly due to a lower inventory.  On a relative basis, Woburn is more affordable than the other local towns, but maintains a similar growth in home value.  Interest rates remain low and had actually dropped over the course of 2014.  The experts predict higher rates in 2015, so a buyer waiting on the sidelines should see this as an optimum time to buy.  Rates could go up, and at least for now, prices are moving up as well.

Looking back over 2014, in the north of Boston area, we saw market time decrease, bidding wars, especially on lower priced homes in need of renovation, fewer distressed homes, and an overall positive feeling about the market.

Statistics and trends are a favorite tool for me.  I can get a sense of where the market is going by looking at the indicators.  Although I have created charts for many individual towns, my favorite chart, which is included with this blog, is of the local 128/93 towns compared to each other.  These include Reading, Burlington, Melrose, Wakefield, Stoneham, Wilmington and Woburn.

Here is a table for these local towns that captures the trend data:

Town Average Sale Price Last 12 Months % Change Last 12 Months % Change from 2005 High
Reading $520,571 +5.73% +8.33%
Burlington $512,312 +14.36% +16.09%
Melrose $497,182 +13.37% +9.66%
Wakefield $468,245 +4.20% +4.00%
Stoneham $461,611 +4.59% +1.90%
Wilmington $423,375 +8.11% -6.71%
Woburn $404,169 +6.43% -1.93%

Interestingly, all of the local towns have shown strong gains over the previous year.  Most of the towns have exceeded the highs of 2005 when the market reached its peak (and just before the economy sent prices downward).  Only Wilmington and Woburn have not returned to the levels attained in 2005.  Looking ahead, let’s hope for continued gains in local real estate values, and thus a continued strong real estate market.



Roland Crop 2011 jpeg (1)
About the author: Roland Spadafora is one of the broker owners of RE/MAX Legacy and is known around the office as the expert in market trends and stats. You can learn more about him on his website


So many of us are making resolutions for the new year so why not carry it over and make some resolutions in regards to your social media sites.  It’s a great time to clean up your laptop, tablet and your cell phones too!  Not only should we clean up these sites but what better time to take on a new attitude about social media.  Many of us communicate frequently to family, friends and clients through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  So let’s check out the do’s and don’ts of posts.  I’ve compiled a list of 5 resolutions that might be helpful to you in the new year.


1. Delete or download those mobile apps that you hardly ever use or that you’ve been meaning to add to your phone. Recently, I came across an app that I love.  It’s called Waze.  It’s a community based traffic and navigation app.  Join others drivers who share real time traffic and road info.

2. Keep up with your LinkedIn connections! LinkedIn is such a great place to connect with other professionals in your field or reach out to connect with friends professionally.  You may find out about a new job opening through your contacts!

3. Keep it light and friendly! Post some fun family pics or reminisce about the good old days.  The last thing anyone wants to hear is negative ranting about your job on a daily basis.  It doesn’t mean that if you’re having a bad day that you can’t reach out to friends for support but don’t let it become a sounding board.  Remember, some employers check these sites before hiring and some landlords may take a look at it before renting to you.

4. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Whether it’s deleting old accounts, updating software or reorganizing your desktop, now is the time to make this happen.  On a cold January night snuggle up with your laptop and a hot cocoa and check this off your “to do” list.

5. Lastly, research some new social media platforms. is a web site and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement.   This is a great site for me personally and professionally.

With that last resolution, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!


Jennifer ScaliAbout the Author— Jenn Scali uses Social Media as part of her business model.  You can contact her at (617) 905-7211 or by visiting her website at

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