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Those who know me best know that I love finding ways to save a buck. Saving money on everyday purchases has turned into sort of a hobby for me and the challenge of finding the best deal is exhilarating!  Online shopping has made things super easy for finding good deals especially with the bevy of coupon codes circulating the web. However, there are two additional steps I take on all my purchases to ensure I am maximizing my savings. – is a site where you earn cash back on
purchases made at most stores. Anytime I make a purchase online I go
to first to see if that store is a cash back store and
access that store thru the fatwallet site. Once you make your purchase
fatwallet credits your account with the promised percentage of cash
back. The cash back adds up quickly…I love FREE money! – is a site to buy discounted gift cards.  I
use this site most often when I want to make big purchases (usually at
Home Depot).  You can purchase the gift card in physical or electronic
form.  I’ve seen some vendor gift cards discounted as high as 25%
which is a pretty good savings.  Whether you’re buying appliances at
Home Depot or taking the family out to Applebees, buying a gift
card at discounted prices is going to save you money!

Next time you shop online remember these two helpful sites and save even more!

antnew1About the author: Anthony Giglio is one of the broker/owner’s of RE/MAX Legacy and is an avid bargain shopper. You can learn more about him and contact him directly by visiting his website

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