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miceIn Woburn we never had to deal with mice so I didn’t even imagine that when we purchased a house in Killington, Vermont that we would have unwelcome houseguests.

I heard that traps work best, but you need at least 6 or more.  The amount of traps is not the reason why I do not use them… Yes, I snapped my finger in one. I decided to use the electronic mousetraps.  They are simple to use because you just plug them into the wall outlet.  I’m not sure if they work or not, but I use them.  I have also tried d-CON.  I’m very careful using this product because I don’t want my dog to get at it and chew on the box.  The d-CON method attracts the mouse/mice to the trap and then it eats the poison, travels outside to get water and then dies somewhere outside the house. (Well, they sometimes die in the house, but we may not be in Vermont for weeks so there is an unpleasant smell. )

So, with that being said, I still have mice as unwelcome houseguests.  I am going to continue to use d-CON and the electronic mousetraps, but this fall I’m going to add mothballs.  Mice don’t like the strong smell of mothball so I’m going to see if that makes a difference.

Please, I need advice on this so please share your thoughts.


fred-damore-headshot-photoAbout the author : Fred DaMore is a Mortgage Specialist at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, homeowner and self-acclaimed do it yourselfer.  Feel free to contact him at

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Buying a home is a milestone.  When you are young you listen to everything your parents say.  Once you reach the age of 13 you stop telling your parents everything.  At 16 years old, you can drive.  By 18 years of age you graduate high school and think you know everything.  Somewhere in your late 20’s, 30’s or early 40’s you will buy your first home or your next home and you may find yourself at Ikea.  For young new homeowners, you will get the best bang for your buck, just bring a truck.  All Ikea furniture has to be assembled.  It doesn’t take too long but if you miss a step you will be taking it apart and starting over.  Last month, Auntie Jean and my favorite cousin Nicole closed on a home.  The strange part is, the week before the closing my wife wanted to use my truck to help Nicole pick up some items.  They went and bought many things.  The following weekend, my family and I went to see the new house and then it happened……. “ Fred, in the back of the truck there are 2 full size beds and drawers that need to be assembled.”  So in 3 hours I assembled all the furniture (Ann helped) and then they let me eat dinner.  I guess the moral of my story is that if everyone goes to Ikea after purchasing a home, they’ll need someone like me to put it all together.


Fred Damore headshot photoAbout the Author : Fred DaMore is a Mortgage Specialist at Ross Mortgage, homeowner and self-acclaimed do it yourselfer.  Feel free to contact him at


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In preparation for my upcoming wedding and the sale of my home, it was necessary to go through a “purging” process of all the things and items I had collected over the many years. In the past, I had gone through the laborious process of hosting a yard sale and selling things at bargain prices just so I wouldn’t have to lug them back into the house. Although I love yard sales, the return just wasn’t worth the effort so I decided to sell everything I could online.  With the help of some good websites and apps I made a small fortune.  Here are the 4 places I used to make over $1200!


offerupOfferUp:  OfferUp is an app you can download on your phone and instantly post items for sale.  I love this app because it was so easy to use.  All you do is take a photo, enter some basic info about the item and sit back and wait for people to make you an offer. People can message you right through the app.  The downside of this app was that it only allows you to post one picture.


facebookFacebook Yard Sales: A lot of cities and towns have a yard sale page on Facebook.  Mine was called “Woburn MA Yard Sale”.  Just like OfferUp you can easily post things from your phone and its fast and simple.  Currently there are over 3,200 participants in my Facebook yard sale group so I have a pretty decent buyer pool in and around my city.


ebayebay: Everyone knows about ebay and I usually stay away from it because of all the fees but I found the site helpful for selling things like cologne and toner cartridges.  I’m not a fan of the auction style so I list everything with a “Buy It Now” price.


craigslistcraigslist: Of course you can’t forget about craigslist.  You will reach a greater audience than Offerup and Facebook yard sales but be careful. There tends to be alot of scammers on craigslist. I used to not give out my phone number and only respond to emails but I found too many bogus requests or tire kicker emails.  The serious people usually will call or text.


If you have things you’re looking to sell then try out one or all of them.  You will turn your used items into cash in no time! Happy Selling! 


antnew1About the author: Anthony Giglio is a Realtor and one of the broker/owners of RE/MAX Legacy. His clients enjoy working with him because of his easy going approach. You can contact him directly on his website

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What if I told you that you can do more with your phone’s camera than take selfies! I’ve compiled a list of the top 9 ways your phone’s camera can help you in your day to day life.  Let’s get right to it.

  1. Have you ever walked out of a mall or into a parking garage and said “where did I park my car”? Take a picture of the section number that your car is parked in to help you remember.
  2. What happens to you when you’re sitting in your doctor’s office and you need to list all of your medications with dosages? Take a picture of the prescription bottle before heading out to your appointment and that will be one less thing to remember.
  3. Lose your coat check or valet ticket? Not a problem, just take a quick pic and you can tell them your number at the check in.
  4. Have you ever lent something to a friend and they never returned it? Take a snapshot of them standing with the borrowed item and then delete it once they return it to you.
  5. Take a picture of your grocery list! You may forget the list at home but you always have your phone with you.
  6. Take a screenshot of your directions so if your internet connection is lost you still have a copy of the map on your phone to refer to.
  7. When traveling take a picture of the front of the hotel with the street sign in the picture. It can come in handy especially if you’re in a foreign country.
  8. Have you ever driven by a home and fallen in love with the landscaping? Snap a pic so that you can copy their ideas for your front yard.
  9. On your next shopping spree take some pictures of items that you would like to purchase for your home.

There are so many ways that you can turn your phone’s camera into your own personal assistant.  Take advantage of these ideas and make your life a little easier.


Jennifer Scali

Jenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and she finds it very helpful to use her phone’s camera at all of her Buyer’s home inspections. You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at

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We all have them lying around our house in a drawer somewhere.  My rubber bands happen to be in my kitchen drawer.  Did you know that there are so many ways we can use them.  Some ways I’m sure you have never even tried  I put together a list of my top 11:



  1. Clean a paintbrush. Slip it over a can of paint and swipe your brush over it to remove excess paint.
  2. Mark the level of liquid remaining in a solid color container such as a paint can. Slide it around the can to mark the amount of paint that’s left in the can.
  3. Pick up a dropped object in a tight spot. For this you need a nylon as well.  Place the nylon over the hose of the extension wand and secure it with a rubber band.  The vacuum’s suction will pick it up and the nylon will prevent the object from going through the vacuum.
  4. Keep your tools handy. Tie it through a wrench and put the other end of the rubber band on your wrist.  In case if falls out of your hand, it won’t go too far.
  5. Cushion a remote control. If you have kids this is a must.  Place the rubber band around the center and it won’t scratch or slide across the coffee table.
  6. Open a hard to open jar. If you ran out those “jar openers” just slide a wide rubber band around the top and it will prevent your hand from slipping.
  7. Shorten electric cords. Wrap a rubber band around excess electrical cords to shorten them so you won’t trip.
  8. Temporarily fix a leak. Wrap a rubber band around the leak in a pipe or hose and then call a plumber.
  9. Prevent a mixing spoon from sliding into a bowl. Twist it around the spoon to the desired level and then place it in your bowl.
  10. Toddler proof cabinets. Stretch a few rubber bands tightly between the left and right cabinet knobs to lock them in place.
  11. Keep a sliced apple fresh. After cutting the apple, place slices back together and with a clean rubber band wrap it around the apple.  It stays fresher 50% longer.

So the next time you have a rubber band think twice about tossing it in the trash.

Jennifer ScaliAbout the Author:  Jenn Scali is a Realtor® working at RE/MAX Legacy.  Tips for using the rubber bands is “thinking outside the box”, just like Jenn “thinks outside the box” when she works with her sellers and buyers.  You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on website

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Ice dams are all the rage this winter. With the incredible amount of cold and snow we have had this winter we are experiences endless amounts of ice damming on homes. There are countless number of articles and blogs on how to fix these ice dams and to be honest it tempting for the DIYer in you!  However, fixing an ice dam is a TWO PERSON job!  Hopefully, you will learn from my experience and always remember to put safety first!


antnew1Anthony Giglio is a Realtor and one of the broker/owners of RE/MAX Legacy. His clients enjoy working with him because of his easy going approach. You can contact him directly on his website or read his blog at

No matter how outdated your bathroom, there is always a way to make it look fresh and fun. With the right color paint on the walls, the right accessories and — most important of all — the proper attitude, you can take your bathroom from outdated to outstanding. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on materials and labor to renovate your bathroom, spend a few hundred dollars for a simple transformation.

To make this transformation even easier I found a fantastic product! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®paint sticks to just about any surface… wood, concrete, metal, matt plastic, earthenware and much more, inside and outside the home. It dries fast too so you can add second or third coats quickly, and move on to the next project.  These kind of results have never been so simple and straightforward.  This paint takes no sanding, no primer, that’s right nothing needed before you paint any surface…. you can paint just about everything.  Could not get any easier, which is my perfect home project!


Below is a picture of an outdated bathroom given an inexpensive face lift!  With a can of Chalk paint and a can of spray paint (for the brass fixtures)   – in just a few hours the paints gives it that updated look. The added home value outweighs the total cost immensely.





Another example of a future yet easy project is the plain old wood stairs to the basement. Dress them up with paint!



Next Project… the Kitchen!!

Small changes like this can set your house apart of the others when you are ready to sell!


SarahAbout the author: Sarah Ferguson is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and is excited to share her do it yourself project ideas.  You can contact her on her website




I’m a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kind of guy so when I noticed that some mystery creature tunneled its way into my basement I was kind of excited to find, trap and remove the unwelcomed visitor.  I took my time putting my plan into action until I found out that this critter brought some of his friends with him.  (It’s not fun trying to do your laundry when 3 mystery creatures are darting across the back of your basement)

I finally went into attack mode and purchased a small animal trap. (Don’t worry its the kind that traps them alive so you can relocate them to a different area)  I then began baiting it with peanut butter thinking I was dealing with chipmunks, however after a week, my trap yielded no chipmunks and even worse my peanut butter was untouched.

2014-02-02 14.59.29I decided to go into CSI mode and do a little investigation to see if I could identify the creature first then find the appropriate enticement for them.  After some easy detective work, I found some droppings of the creature, snapped a picture and then went to google for the answer. According to my poop analysis, the mystery creatures are squirrels!

2014-02-04 08.54.58
Further evaluation found that they had eaten all the grass seed in the basement so I knew they must be craving more! I purchased some grass seed and reset the trap and now we wait…

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post where we will celebrate my victory and relocate these grass-seed loving buggers to their new earthly home.

ant5 (1)About the author: Anthony Giglio is one of the broker owners of RE/MAX Legacy and loves fixing household problems including removing unwanted animals from his basement. You can learn more about him on his website

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