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Are you relocating? Don’t know where to start you house search?

Questions you might want to ask yourself before choosing the place you want to live in…

When are you moving and is the move definite?  If you have an exact date of when you are moving because of personal reasons or you have a job relocation you are ready to start. Your company might offer you a relocation package, but you still have the choice of your relocation agent. Make a wise decision and don’t think you are forced to use the one person they assign to you. You can request an agent of your choice.

How long are you moving for?  If you are not sure of the term of your stay a rental might be the option whether long or short term.

Have you visited the town you are moving too?  Have you toured the neighborhoods close to your office to get a feel of where you are moving?

What type of area do you like to live in?  Are you a city person who loves restaurants and night life?   Are you a suburban person who would like to be close enough without paying the high cost of living in the city? Are you an urban person who would like to have a home with a yard, side streets, parks, and be in a more quiet area. Is commute the last thing you worry about? Do you like being in the woods far from everything, are you a nature lover. Would you rather live in a rural area?  Also what type of community do you like? Apartment buildings, townhouses, single family home or you want to be a landlord at the same time.

Let us now zoom in to the type of neighborhood you like?  Important criteria:

  1. What is the most important thing for me in a neighborhood:
    Shopping Centers
    Commute time to work
    Does the town have a downtown?
  2. What is the average median price of the neighborhoods you are looking at?

Now that you have narrowed down your commute time and the towns available organize the towns in order depending on your most important search criteria.

Visit your favorite 3 neighborhoods, and visit 3 properties in each within your price range.

Start shopping for homes.

About the author: Janine Elkhoury is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and is a relocation specialist helping her clients find the perfect home in Eastern Massachusetts. Visit her on her website


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