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Did you know that National Senior Citizens Day is on August 21 every year? While doing some research I happened on to this special day. This year my family had some landmark birthdays. My mother turned 90 in May and my husband was 70 in July! And I am slowly approaching 65……

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared August 21 to be National Senior Citizens Day. This observance was established in honor of senior citizens in the United States who made positive contributions in their communities. The day was also created to bring awareness of social, health, and economic issues that affect senior citizens. President Reagan said “For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute. We can best demonstrate our gratitude and esteem by making sure that our communities are good places in which to mature and grow older.”

Various events and activities are organized on Senior Citizens Day to raise awareness of supporting older people and recognizing their achievements.  The following are some ideas for individuals wanting to recognize their elders:

  • Visit with a family member or friend and have them share their stories
  • Take a family member or friend out for coffee or a meal
  • Go to their house and help out cleaning, mowing their lawn, repairing items
  • Offer to take a neighbor to the store, or just a scenic drive
  • Surprise someone with some delicious homemade baked goods
  • Write a personal note of thanks to someone who has made a positive impact on your life
  • Do volunteer work in support of the elderly
  • Encourage your school to participate in an “adopt-a-grandparent” program

What will you do to make a Senior Citizen feel special?

About the author – Gale Spadafora is a Realtor with RE/MAX Legacy and is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES).  Visit her on her website at

How do you know when its time to move on? Many seniors face the stressful decision of where to move to when the home they live in becomes too much of a burden. Even more importantly, deciding when to make that move is not always easy.  To help my clients understand when its time to Move On,  I interviewed Brooke Schoch. Brooke is the community sales director at Brightview Country Club Heights in Woburn and her insight was helpful in answering this important question. Watch our discussion below.

About the author: Anthony Giglio is a REALTOR at RE/MAX Legacy and is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist.  Learn more about him on his website or on his profile page