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things to do in may photo galeMay is a good month to finish your Spring To Do List, and start thinking about tackling your Summer To Do List.



  • Turn on your outdoor spigots and check your garden hoses for leaks.
  • Take a look at your deck or patio. Does your deck need to be repainted or refinished? Does your patio need new bricks or stones?
  • Wash and set out your outdoor furniture.
  • Inspect your pool after the long winter. Start getting it ready for the upcoming summer months.
  • We use our outdoor grill year round, but it’s a good idea in the spring to clean it and make sure you have enough propane or charcoal.
  • Mulch your shrubbery bed, and till and prepare your vegetable garden.
  • Memorial Day Weekend is a popular time in New England to buy your tomato plants for your home garden.
  • Take the cover off your outdoor air conditioning unit and open up your vents in your house. Test the central air conditioning system well before the first hot day of summer, or you may be surprised! Start thinking about putting your window air conditioners back in the windows.
  • Wash your windows, inside and out.
  • Buy sunscreen products and bug spray so you are ready for the summer months.
  • Go through your winter wool clothes and decide what is headed for the dry cleaners and what is headed to Goodwill.
  • In New England, May is a great month to start up your walking regimen.

Gale Crop 2011 jpegAbout the Author – When Gale is not working at home on her “To Do List”, she enjoys working with both Sellers and Buyers. Gale Spadafora is one of the Broker Owners at RE/MAX Legacy and can be contacted through her website at

The spring market is here but, it seems a little different this year. Traditionally by April there are quite a few properties available for sale.  However in our current market this is not the case.  Listing inventory is down & when the supply does not meet the demand multiple offers and buyer frustration will follow.

When sale prices start to rise, it can also create a problem with bank appraisals.  Before a buyer can obtain a mortgage, the bank sends an appraiser to verify the sale price.  If there are not enough prior sales to compare, it can be difficult to justify the value. When this happens an adjustment must be made to either the sale price, or the buyer’s down payment. Otherwise the bank will not issue a commitment letter to the buyer.

In a market like this buyers have to be ready to sign on the dotted line if they want to be successful.  This is difficult to do when making such a big decision.  When investing a large amount of money time is needed to consider all options.

If you are thinking about selling, now is the time. The market is on the rise & with the lack of competition you could spring into a great deal!

About the Author: Sharon Potts is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and looks forward to the  the spring market! You can contact her directly through her website at


You know the old saying “Fall back, Spring forward.”.  As a Realtor, Spring Forward is very valuable to me.  When clients wish to see a property after business hours, the longer we have our sunshine, the better it is for showing homes to “potential” buyers.

When the new year begins, our business can be slow depending on what’s happening in the market and/or weather.  This year, the market is hot even with our snow storms that keep hitting on the weekends (which is usually when we conduct our open houses).  I was amazed today when I stopped at a broker’s open house to find they have received five offers on the property.  Because there is not enough inventory, buyers are having bidding wars and the seller is getting more than they expected for their homes.  So because the market is hot for the sellers, now is the time to list!

Recently I learned something new about changing our clocks.  It’s called daylight saving time, not daylight savings time.  Most people, including myself, put that extra “s” on the word “saving”.  In 2013, Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, March 10th.  Don’t forget to move your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

Yes, moving the clocks ahead does mean we all lose an hour of sleep, but in return it will be light longer which is wonderful in my estimation.  Anyway, I believe that Saturday night is the best time to lose that hour because you can just sleep in a bit on Sunday before getting up and starting your day.  Or, in a Realtor’s case, before you begin your day of open houses!

Our fire department encourages us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors and C02 detectors when we change our clocks because Daylight Saving Time is definitely  a convenient reminder.  And, because my refrigerator has a water filter, my husband believes that we should change that filter along with the smoke detector and the C02 detector batteries.  If that happens to apply to you as well, change your water filter too or anything else that you think applies to your personal circumstances.

Be sure to change your clocks one hour ahead on Saturday, March 9th before you retire!

About the Author:  Linda Dube, is a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Legacy with over 10 years of experience.  You can contact Linda directly through her website at