Cleaning gutters is an easy job to put off, but the longer you wait the worse it can get. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters every spring and fall will help keep them working like they’re supposed to. Debris can build up and cause damage to your downspouts and cause water damage to your roof.

FRED ice dam 2An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.


FRED gutter photo 1Most people know that they need to have to the house gutters cleaned. We know that if leaves and debris block the flow of water it will freeze in the winter.  But for some reason this easy cleaning is overlooked.  Calling a gutter cleaning company is a quick and easy fix.  I recently had my gutters in Woburn cleaned out.  For years I didn’t think there would be much of anything in the gutters because there is not a tree near the front of the house and only a few in the back of the house.  I called American Gutters and set up an appointment, and for $80 they cleaned the front and back gutters on the house.  After American Gutters was at my house and cleaned the gutters, they left a trash bag full of leaves and dirt.  I could not believe the amount of leaves and debris that was in there.  Now I set up an appointment for them to come every year.  It is money well spent to not have to worry about clogged gutters or worse …damage to your home that ice dams can cause because of clogged gutters.

fred-damore-headshot-photoAbout the author : Fred DaMore is a Mortgage Specialist at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. In addition he is a local homeowner who pays attention to his annual home maintenance requirements.   Feel free to contact him at

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