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Jenn HGTVToday people can’t get enough of HGTV’s hottest shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper or Love it or List it just to name a few.  So what is keeping people glued to their TV for hours on end binge watching their favorite HGTV show?  I have a couple of reasons why it’s ranked #8 on the list of top 10 cable networks according to The Futon Critic with 2015 finishing with its highest ratings ever.

Let’s start with the formula of HGTV’s programming.  It’s a procedural show which is a genre of programming in which a problem is introduced, investigated and solved all within the same episode.  It makes it easier for viewers to tune in for one episode without feeling lost.  We get to see the home improvement shows make things better.  We watch on the edge of our seat the tough issues of unexpected water damage that leads the contractor to go over budget or the worry of not meeting the scheduled deadline.  Miraculously, at the end of the each episode it’s wrapped up with a nice bow on top.  That’s what viewers want and need to see happen. 

Another key factor is the host’s personalities drive the show.  We get to see Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper come out looking like heroes at the same time we get a peek into their family life too.  Joanna has clients meet her at home to discuss the new floor plan she’s implementing for their fixer upper.  Toward the end of the show Chip pops by with their four children to bring Momma some cupcakes to get her though endless hours of staging.  The same thing happens with Property Brothers.  We see both brothers struggling to get their jobs done all the while their larger than life personas entertain us.  As they say “we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves.”

Lastly, have you actually thought about why people want the open concept living spaces, master “suite”, high end cabinetry, granite counter tops, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances?  Besides the fact that it looks gorgeous it also offers us a different lifestyle.  Open concept means more room to socialize and host parties.  The high end finishings represent luxury and comfort.  The master suite is where you can hide from your children to get your sanity back and relax in your soaker tub.  I think most of us would love to live this lifestyle even if it’s for a 30 minute block at a time.

Jennifer ScaliJenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy who would love to help you find your “new lifestyle.”  You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at www.jennscali.com


Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the house

Not a Realtor was working,

Not even their spouse.

The closings were done the week before last,

And the commission checks were deposited hard and fast.

The “For Sale” signs were nestled in the back of the shed,

While visions of spa visits danced through my head.

When all of a sudden I received a text,

A local Realtor’s name appeared, I was perplexed!

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a full price cash offer now that’s what I like to hear!

More rapid then eagles, thoughts raced through my mind,

This amazing offer was one of a kind.

NO home inspector, NO mortgage broker, and NO appraiser!

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer just did me a favor!

Before I knew it, my doorbell rang,

I sprung from the couch and my heart sang!

As I opened my door, he turned around,

I couldn’t believe what I had found.

His clothes were disheveled; he was a complete mess,

There was no doubt he needed to rest.

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work,

gave me the paperwork and turned with a jerk.

And laying a finger aside of his nose,

He shouts…remember we want a quick close!

He sprung in his Volvo and sped down the street,

This top notch Realtor doesn’t miss a beat.

As I headed inside and closed the door,

I thought there’s nothing I love more,

Than to be helping people with their dream,

And seeing a homeowner’s face beam!

Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season

and throughout the coming year.

~ Jenn Scali

Jenn tree

Jennifer ScaliABOUT THE AUTHOR – Jenn has found a new talent – writing Holiday Poetry!  But when she’s not writing you can find her working with Buyers and Sellers. Jenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and you can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at www.jennscali.com





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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it”
~ Henry David Thoreau


Is it realistic to iSCALI A_Young_Real_Estate_Investornvest in real estate in your twenties?  The answer is YES!  You’re going to need to do your homework before you begin.  Learning about the market, getting your funds in order and hiring the right people are just a few items that need to be on your checklist.

There are a few options for people who have little to no money but want to invest.  You can set up an investment account with a brokerage firm, and invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).  REITs is a company that owns and operates many types of real estate that range from apartment buildings, warehouses to hotels and shopping centers.  Investors purchase stock in the REITs and in return the REITs must distribute most of its profits as dividends to them.  Once you have a sizeable amount of money you can sell your investments and use the cash as a deposit on your first property.

Another option is called Crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds through a collective effort of family, friends and individual investors.  First time investors who use a crowdfunding platform such as “Fundable” or “Patch of Land” have access to thousands of investors.  Create a campaign for your real estate project (for example a single family rehab) so investors can see for themselves if it’s a cash-flowing investment that they might be interested in funding.

Last but certainly not least option is borrowing money from your parents.  Although this may not work for everyone it is another option.

Now that your funding is in order, the next step should be establishing a business plan.  In order for you to stay organized and achieve your short and long term goals this should be a necessity.  Then you can build a budget to track all of your expenses that comes with owning a property.  Keeping track of where your money is being spent will help you learn where you can eventually cut back.

Learning about the types of properties you want to invest in is key.  Whether it be multi families or rehabbing single families you need to drive around to look at properties and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Getting yourself familiar with listing and sold prices will help you learn what to pay for property without overspending.  Also, work with an experienced, reliable real estate agent.  SHE will keep her eye on the market for new listings and promptly set up appointments for you.  She can check the MLS for comparative properties in the area as well and this will help you calculate your numbers to see if the property is right for you.

Staying on top of current trends such as mortgage rates, consumer spending and unemployment rates is important.  Remember being educated in all areas of real estate investing is the key to a profitable return on your investment.  One great way to learn about the business is to talk with other investors.  They may offer some tips and strategies that can help you with your new business venture.  Ask them about the process and the best way to get a great return.  Ask them how they started out as an investor.  Some people invest in real estate for appreciation but smart investors invest for cash flow.  Cash flow is the money you make from rental properties every month after all the expenses are paid.  Cash flow should increase over time without ever eating away at your principle investment.  Rents will increase with inflation while your mortgage payments stay the same.  Eventually you will pay off your loan and your cash flow will increase significantly.

Last bit of advice but not least is to hire a competent accountant who is familiar with current tax laws.  In the long run you will save yourself money and a lot of headaches.  By aligning yourself with the right people, you are putting yourself on the right path.

As you can see being a real estate investor can be profitable if you put in the time and effort.  Remember that there will be ups and downs in the market over the years.  If you make well thought decisions when buying properties your investments will pay off in time.

Jennifer ScaliJenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and she enjoys working with investors and buyers who are looking to purchase real estate property. You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at www.jennscali.com










What if I told you that you can do more with your phone’s camera than take selfies! I’ve compiled a list of the top 9 ways your phone’s camera can help you in your day to day life.  Let’s get right to it.

  1. Have you ever walked out of a mall or into a parking garage and said “where did I park my car”? Take a picture of the section number that your car is parked in to help you remember.
  2. What happens to you when you’re sitting in your doctor’s office and you need to list all of your medications with dosages? Take a picture of the prescription bottle before heading out to your appointment and that will be one less thing to remember.
  3. Lose your coat check or valet ticket? Not a problem, just take a quick pic and you can tell them your number at the check in.
  4. Have you ever lent something to a friend and they never returned it? Take a snapshot of them standing with the borrowed item and then delete it once they return it to you.
  5. Take a picture of your grocery list! You may forget the list at home but you always have your phone with you.
  6. Take a screenshot of your directions so if your internet connection is lost you still have a copy of the map on your phone to refer to.
  7. When traveling take a picture of the front of the hotel with the street sign in the picture. It can come in handy especially if you’re in a foreign country.
  8. Have you ever driven by a home and fallen in love with the landscaping? Snap a pic so that you can copy their ideas for your front yard.
  9. On your next shopping spree take some pictures of items that you would like to purchase for your home.

There are so many ways that you can turn your phone’s camera into your own personal assistant.  Take advantage of these ideas and make your life a little easier.


Jennifer Scali

Jenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and she finds it very helpful to use her phone’s camera at all of her Buyer’s home inspections. You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at www.jennscali.com

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We all have them lying around our house in a drawer somewhere.  My rubber bands happen to be in my kitchen drawer.  Did you know that there are so many ways we can use them.  Some ways I’m sure you have never even tried  I put together a list of my top 11:



  1. Clean a paintbrush. Slip it over a can of paint and swipe your brush over it to remove excess paint.
  2. Mark the level of liquid remaining in a solid color container such as a paint can. Slide it around the can to mark the amount of paint that’s left in the can.
  3. Pick up a dropped object in a tight spot. For this you need a nylon as well.  Place the nylon over the hose of the extension wand and secure it with a rubber band.  The vacuum’s suction will pick it up and the nylon will prevent the object from going through the vacuum.
  4. Keep your tools handy. Tie it through a wrench and put the other end of the rubber band on your wrist.  In case if falls out of your hand, it won’t go too far.
  5. Cushion a remote control. If you have kids this is a must.  Place the rubber band around the center and it won’t scratch or slide across the coffee table.
  6. Open a hard to open jar. If you ran out those “jar openers” just slide a wide rubber band around the top and it will prevent your hand from slipping.
  7. Shorten electric cords. Wrap a rubber band around excess electrical cords to shorten them so you won’t trip.
  8. Temporarily fix a leak. Wrap a rubber band around the leak in a pipe or hose and then call a plumber.
  9. Prevent a mixing spoon from sliding into a bowl. Twist it around the spoon to the desired level and then place it in your bowl.
  10. Toddler proof cabinets. Stretch a few rubber bands tightly between the left and right cabinet knobs to lock them in place.
  11. Keep a sliced apple fresh. After cutting the apple, place slices back together and with a clean rubber band wrap it around the apple.  It stays fresher 50% longer.

So the next time you have a rubber band think twice about tossing it in the trash.

Jennifer ScaliAbout the Author:  Jenn Scali is a Realtor® working at RE/MAX Legacy.  Tips for using the rubber bands is “thinking outside the box”, just like Jenn “thinks outside the box” when she works with her sellers and buyers.  You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on website www.jennscali.com

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So many of us are making resolutions for the new year so why not carry it over and make some resolutions in regards to your social media sites.  It’s a great time to clean up your laptop, tablet and your cell phones too!  Not only should we clean up these sites but what better time to take on a new attitude about social media.  Many of us communicate frequently to family, friends and clients through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  So let’s check out the do’s and don’ts of posts.  I’ve compiled a list of 5 resolutions that might be helpful to you in the new year.


1. Delete or download those mobile apps that you hardly ever use or that you’ve been meaning to add to your phone. Recently, I came across an app that I love.  It’s called Waze.  It’s a community based traffic and navigation app.  Join others drivers who share real time traffic and road info.

2. Keep up with your LinkedIn connections! LinkedIn is such a great place to connect with other professionals in your field or reach out to connect with friends professionally.  You may find out about a new job opening through your contacts!

3. Keep it light and friendly! Post some fun family pics or reminisce about the good old days.  The last thing anyone wants to hear is negative ranting about your job on a daily basis.  It doesn’t mean that if you’re having a bad day that you can’t reach out to friends for support but don’t let it become a sounding board.  Remember, some employers check these sites before hiring and some landlords may take a look at it before renting to you.

4. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Whether it’s deleting old accounts, updating software or reorganizing your desktop, now is the time to make this happen.  On a cold January night snuggle up with your laptop and a hot cocoa and check this off your “to do” list.

5. Lastly, research some new social media platforms. Houzz.com is a web site and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement.   This is a great site for me personally and professionally.

With that last resolution, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!


Jennifer ScaliAbout the Author— Jenn Scali uses Social Media as part of her business model.  You can contact her at (617) 905-7211 or by visiting her website at www.jennscali.com.

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Many buyers feel that if they don’t bring an agent into the transaction, they’ll get a better deal. After all, the listing agent is making twice what he normally would.  In fact, you may just end up paying more.  Remember the seller’s agent is working for the SELLER.  And what is that agent’s job?  To sell the property for the highest amount of money possible in the shortest amount of time.  So how does that benefit a buyer?  Well, it doesn’t.


cbrA Certified Buyer’s Representative (CBR) works to protect your best interests by providing complete and professional guidance to you.  Below are the fiduciary duties that a buyer’s agent is bound by law to provide you:

  • Loyalty.
  • Obedience.
  • Disclosure.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Reasonable Care and Diligence.
  • Accounting.

Let’s not forget that a buyer’s agent is specially trained to represent the buyer and to get their buyers the best possible price for the home.  Your agent will give you a market analysis of the property and he will recommend an offer price.  Your agent develops a negotiating strategy based on the competition.  Your agent can recommend attorneys, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors.  So far, do you see any drawbacks?  Well, neither do I.  Going through this process with a Certified Buyer’s Representative on your side is a smart choice.  You can recognize a certified buyer’s agent by the letters CBR after their name.  So do your homework when buying your next home and get yourself a certified buyer’s agent!



Jennifer ScaliAbout the Author – Jenn Scali is a Certified Buyer’s Representative and she has worked with buyers for over 10 years. You can contact her at (617) 905-7211 or by visiting her website at www.jennscali.com.


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Home sales seem to peak in the spring, but the summer months can be a great time to showcase your home.  Create a light and fresh inviting space for potential buyers.  Sellers make your home sizzle by following this list of great ideas for styling your home.


  1. Prepare your home by Cleaning and Decluttering rooms and storing away winter items such as heavy curtains.  Draw up those blinds and open those windows.  Let the sunlight in!
  2. Make the exterior of your home shine!  Power wash your home and get out that dirt and grime, repair any siding or shutters that may have become loose during the winter.  Paint or re-stain your deck floor.
  3. Buyers first notice Curb Appeal!  Trim bushes, plant flowers and don’t skimp on the mulch.  Hang some flowers on the front door as well.  If you have a farmer’s porch add a rocker or two.  Make it say “welcome home”.
  4. Mow your lawn at least once a week and don’t forget to water it to keep that lush green look.  Feeling creative? Try mowing it at a diagonal to add dimension to your lawn.
  5. Set the Air Conditioner to a comfortable temperature.  You want buyers to come in from the sweltering heat and humidity and feel relaxed in the cool temps of your home.
  6. Place some Fresh Flowers on your tables and let the smell of summer fill the air.  Now is not the time for heavy scented candles.
  7. Use this time of year to your advantage and add some Outdoor Living Space.  Set out a table and chairs with bright comfy pillows.  A hammock or porch swing is inviting as well.  Place potted plants and flowers around the area and maybe a string of lights.  The potential here is limitless.

Set the stage for success this summer and you are more apt to get a quicker sale at a better price!

About the author:  Jenn Scali has been working with sellers for over 10 years.  You can contact her at (617) 905-7211 or by visiting her website at jennscali.com.  Give Jenn a call anytime during the year to list your home not just in the summer.

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