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Jenn HGTVToday people can’t get enough of HGTV’s hottest shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper or Love it or List it just to name a few.  So what is keeping people glued to their TV for hours on end binge watching their favorite HGTV show?  I have a couple of reasons why it’s ranked #8 on the list of top 10 cable networks according to The Futon Critic with 2015 finishing with its highest ratings ever.

Let’s start with the formula of HGTV’s programming.  It’s a procedural show which is a genre of programming in which a problem is introduced, investigated and solved all within the same episode.  It makes it easier for viewers to tune in for one episode without feeling lost.  We get to see the home improvement shows make things better.  We watch on the edge of our seat the tough issues of unexpected water damage that leads the contractor to go over budget or the worry of not meeting the scheduled deadline.  Miraculously, at the end of the each episode it’s wrapped up with a nice bow on top.  That’s what viewers want and need to see happen. 

Another key factor is the host’s personalities drive the show.  We get to see Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper come out looking like heroes at the same time we get a peek into their family life too.  Joanna has clients meet her at home to discuss the new floor plan she’s implementing for their fixer upper.  Toward the end of the show Chip pops by with their four children to bring Momma some cupcakes to get her though endless hours of staging.  The same thing happens with Property Brothers.  We see both brothers struggling to get their jobs done all the while their larger than life personas entertain us.  As they say “we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves.”

Lastly, have you actually thought about why people want the open concept living spaces, master “suite”, high end cabinetry, granite counter tops, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances?  Besides the fact that it looks gorgeous it also offers us a different lifestyle.  Open concept means more room to socialize and host parties.  The high end finishings represent luxury and comfort.  The master suite is where you can hide from your children to get your sanity back and relax in your soaker tub.  I think most of us would love to live this lifestyle even if it’s for a 30 minute block at a time.

Jennifer ScaliJenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy who would love to help you find your “new lifestyle.”  You can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at www.jennscali.com


Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the house

Not a Realtor was working,

Not even their spouse.

The closings were done the week before last,

And the commission checks were deposited hard and fast.

The “For Sale” signs were nestled in the back of the shed,

While visions of spa visits danced through my head.

When all of a sudden I received a text,

A local Realtor’s name appeared, I was perplexed!

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a full price cash offer now that’s what I like to hear!

More rapid then eagles, thoughts raced through my mind,

This amazing offer was one of a kind.

NO home inspector, NO mortgage broker, and NO appraiser!

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer just did me a favor!

Before I knew it, my doorbell rang,

I sprung from the couch and my heart sang!

As I opened my door, he turned around,

I couldn’t believe what I had found.

His clothes were disheveled; he was a complete mess,

There was no doubt he needed to rest.

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work,

gave me the paperwork and turned with a jerk.

And laying a finger aside of his nose,

He shouts…remember we want a quick close!

He sprung in his Volvo and sped down the street,

This top notch Realtor doesn’t miss a beat.

As I headed inside and closed the door,

I thought there’s nothing I love more,

Than to be helping people with their dream,

And seeing a homeowner’s face beam!

Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season

and throughout the coming year.

~ Jenn Scali

Jenn tree

Jennifer ScaliABOUT THE AUTHOR – Jenn has found a new talent – writing Holiday Poetry!  But when she’s not writing you can find her working with Buyers and Sellers. Jenn Scali is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy and you can reach her at (617) 905-7211 or on her website at www.jennscali.com





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“Hold on to what is good, even if it’s a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe, even if it’s a tree that stands by itself. Hold on to what you must do, even if it’s a long way from here. Hold on to your life, even if it’s easier to let go. Hold on to my hand, even if I’ve gone away from you.”

Pueblo Indian Prayer

thank youNow that the holidays are here, I take a break from all my routine emails to thank everyone in my business. I hope your holidays are joyful. My team and I would like to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.



Thank you to all my sellers who have trusted me and listed and sold with me.

Thank you to all my buyers who have chosen me as their agent and purchased a home with me this year.

Thank you to all my landlords who keep giving me their listings.

Thank you to all my prospects that see the difference in me, and cherry pick me as their agent knowing they have the choice of working with another agent.

Thank you to all the home inspectors on my team who make the home inspection issues feel like an icing on a piece of cake. They help my buyers make a wise decision whether the house has good bones and needs some work or a money pit and need to move on to the next house.

Thank you to all the mortgage brokers, underwriters, and appraisers on my team who make the mortgage commitment letter an easy process although they have to go through 100 hoops to make money come to the closing table.

Thank you to all the attorneys and paralegals on my team for reviewing the purchase and sale, writing extensions, reviewing the mortgage commitment, preparing HUD statement and  getting all the parties to the closing table without any tears.

Thank you to my team at RE/MAX Legacy for all their support, my fellow Realtors that are on the other side of the transaction, the fire fighters for smoke inspections, the utility companies for the final readings, and everyone that plays a role in my team.

Thank you (last but not least) to my husband and my son who have to deal with a mom and spouse who has to juggle a crazy schedule, not be around at dinner time, absent at sports events and squeezing a pick up between two showings.

Thank you to my friends that trust that a business relationship does not affect a friendship but makes it stronger.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone who held my hand this year, thank you for your trust, your knowledge, your patience, your support and your commitment.

Thank you for making my year such a successful year and my job such a fun environment. Thanks for letting me know if I can help anyone of your friends or family members buy, sell or rent in 2015.


JanineAbout the author: Janine Elkhoury is a Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy. You can learn more about her on her website www.bostonrelocationagent.com


Path A BI’m sure the thought enters each of our minds “what if”…we took a different path at various points in our lives.  If we went to college B instead of college A, if we dated this person instead of another, if we took one job vs. another, what might our lives look like today?  The path we took has led us to where we are today.  Could things have been different?  Would we have wanted it to be different?

Every little thing we do and every decision we make affects our path and where we find ourselves today.  In my case, I wanted to go to West Point, and although I had the support of my congressman and had the test scores and grades to be selected, I was denied because of a physical problem I had that occurred accidentally during some horseplay.  I had dislocated my shoulder at the age of 15 and that ultimately prevented me from being appointed to West Point.  It also kept me out of the service.  As it turned out, if I had graduated from West Point, or was subsequently drafted in the mid 60’s as could have been the case, most likely I would have been sent to Vietnam, and we know how that could have ended.

In the early 70’s while working at a large local manufacturing company as an engineer, my best friend and I decided to get our real estate license.  We both began working part-time at a local office owned by a mutual friend.  Within a few years we decided to open our own office and we attempted to purchase a suitable building to house our office.  Zoning, financing and a deteriorating stock market (think Watergate and oil embargo), and our dreams went down the tubes.  So did our investment funds as we had it “working for us” in the stock market.   My friend eventually opened a real estate office with his brother-in-law and became very successful.  I stayed at my full-time job and didn’t get back into real estate until I took an early retirement in 1997.  In 2012 my wife Gale and I along with Anthony Giglio were able to purchase the Woburn RE/MAX franchise.  It only took 36 years, but now I’m an owner!

Looking back, there were all sorts of critical points in my life and my work career that could have affected where I am today.  Are there things I wish I had done?  Absolutely…..but I am happy where I am and after all…it was my path to today!

Roland Crop 2011 jpeg (1)About the author: Roland Spadafora is one of the Broker Owners at RE/MAX Legacy.  His path to today has brought him to the place he is happy to be. He can be contacted through his website at www.spadaforateam.com

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You know the old saying “Fall back, Spring forward.”.  As a Realtor, Spring Forward is very valuable to me.  When clients wish to see a property after business hours, the longer we have our sunshine, the better it is for showing homes to “potential” buyers.

When the new year begins, our business can be slow depending on what’s happening in the market and/or weather.  This year, the market is hot even with our snow storms that keep hitting on the weekends (which is usually when we conduct our open houses).  I was amazed today when I stopped at a broker’s open house to find they have received five offers on the property.  Because there is not enough inventory, buyers are having bidding wars and the seller is getting more than they expected for their homes.  So because the market is hot for the sellers, now is the time to list!

Recently I learned something new about changing our clocks.  It’s called daylight saving time, not daylight savings time.  Most people, including myself, put that extra “s” on the word “saving”.  In 2013, Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, March 10th.  Don’t forget to move your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

Yes, moving the clocks ahead does mean we all lose an hour of sleep, but in return it will be light longer which is wonderful in my estimation.  Anyway, I believe that Saturday night is the best time to lose that hour because you can just sleep in a bit on Sunday before getting up and starting your day.  Or, in a Realtor’s case, before you begin your day of open houses!

Our fire department encourages us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors and C02 detectors when we change our clocks because Daylight Saving Time is definitely  a convenient reminder.  And, because my refrigerator has a water filter, my husband believes that we should change that filter along with the smoke detector and the C02 detector batteries.  If that happens to apply to you as well, change your water filter too or anything else that you think applies to your personal circumstances.

Be sure to change your clocks one hour ahead on Saturday, March 9th before you retire!

About the Author:  Linda Dube, is a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Legacy with over 10 years of experience.  You can contact Linda directly through her website at lindalistsandsells.com.